Vinoble is proud to list Albert Bichot wines Hong Kong. Since 1350, Burgundy has been home to the Bichot family. Their family crest is a deer, and the family simply became associated with wines and vines during the 19th century. Bernard Bichot founded a merchant house bearing his name in Monthélie, a few kilometres south of Beaune. At the conclusion of the ninteenth century, his grand-son Albert Bichot brought new energy to the company and set up its headquarters in Beaune. The family heritage has been passed from father to son ever since then. Since 1996, the sixth generation managing the company is represented by Albéric Bichot. Under his stweardship, an upstream quality control strategy originated in the beginning of the 1980s. With a mission to get the finest fruit to create best express terroir and the finest wine, Albert Bichot has acquired vineyards in the most reputed growing locations. In addition to this expertise as a winegrower, Albert Bichot carefully sources grapes in order to age and vinify its necociant wine,s and thus control quality as much as possible. To each “sub-region” corresponds a "Domaine" which refers not only to fmaily wineries but also to stand alone facility focused on wines of the place, including viticulture and vinification teams and facilities. Each estate contains facilities and teams, along with wineries cultivated with practices that are sustainable devoted to producing and cellaring regionally expressive wines.

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