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Vinoble is proud to list a great selection of American Whiskey Hong Kong. This iconic tipple has an extensive history rooted in the Old American West, where settlers would ferment and distill a wide variety of grains, including Rye and Corn, to produce spirits. So seriously did early Americans take their liquor, that George Washington himself had to put down a rebellion against a government tax on whiskey. Appalachian bootlegers, years later continued to avoid taxation by smuggling the liquor in customized cars, giving rise to Nascar. Today, Whiskey is produced across the country, with the most significant regions being Kentucky and Tennessee. Bourbon Whiskey in Kentucky must be produced from at least 51% Corn mash and aged in newly charred oak barrels. The barrel rule gives Bourbon its signature aromas of burnt sugar, vanilla, and smoke. Many believe the limestone in this region of Kentucky is responsible for the smoothness of Bourbon. Tennessee Whiskey, including the major brand Jack Daniels, is put through a charcoal filtering process to improve the flavor of the spirit. Newly popularized by bartenders across the US, Rye whiskey is seeing a huge upsurge not seen since frontier days. While Rye is frequently included in the mash for Bourbon and other American whiskeys, its spicy flavor has encouraged craft distillers to make spirit with more than 51% Rye grain. The popularity of whiskey based cocktails can be given a great deal of credit for a boom in the industry that shows no signs of letting up, and the fear of shortages of aged whiskey is regularly reported.

American Whiskey

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