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We're proud to list a selection of American wines Hong Kong. Navigating North American wine is a dizzying task. With so many distinctive regions lacking in tradition, winemakers draw from across the globe for inspiration. New producers spring up every year in a growing number of States, though California is still King. California put the US on the map with Napa Valley producing Bordeaux and Chardonnay to rival France. Adventurous wine lovers in Oregon realized the similarities their state shared with Burgundy and have succeeded in producing world class Pinot Noir as well. Southern California has made a name for itself growing Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier, along with other Rhone varietals, and some have topped worldwide rankings in recent years. American winemakers have attempted to grow practically every known grape wherever the climate and terroir have allowed. Even in New York, Italian and German varietals have thrived, with Riesling from the Finger Lakes turning heads. Not to be outdone, European producers have bought land in the States; Joseph Drouhin and Gruet et Fils for example have expanded into Oregon and New Mexico respectively. There is still history to be found. A small movement of growers and producers in California celebrate the old colonial era vineyards by making wines of exceptional character. Many of these plots date back over a hundred years, and are field blends of whatever the settlers brought with them from Spain and Italy, sometimes dozens of varieties in a single wine! The Canadian wine industry is focused on the southern provinces of Ontario and British Columbia with their most famous export being the sweet Icewine, produced by pressing grapes after they have frozen on the vine.

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