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We're proud to import a great selection of Argentinian Wine Hong Kong. The wines of this iconic country were for years primarily a product for domestic consumption (it is after all, their national drink). In the latter portion of the 20th century, they shifted their focus to exporting internationally, and have finally gained the international recognition they deserve. Wine in Argentina has its roots in the Spanish Colonial period, which brought Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Criolla cuttings. Malbec was brought by French missionaries and in modern history has thrived as South America's signature wine, sealing its identity as an Argentinian grape. Italian immigrants have had more influence in Argentina than any in other South American country, bringing Dolcetto, Barbera, and Lambrusco among others, much of which is made for the local market. Argentina's low humidity, high temperatures, and altitude have the benefit of natural protection against the phylloxera that devastated Europe in the 19th century and many of their vineyards are ungrafted. The highest concentration of wine production is in the province of Mendoza, home to 60% of Argentina's wine, with Malbec, Criolla Grande, and Cereza making up most of the plantings. San Juan is known for fortified wines in the Spanish style, as well as Syrah, while the high altitude Northwesterly regions are successful producers of Cabernet and Torrontés. Argentinian Wine has a great deal to offer, and since the 1990s, their focus on premium quality wines for export has turned Argentina into a wine giant.

Argentinian Wine

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