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Vinoble is proud to list a great selection of Australian wine Hong Kong. This iconic country may be known as the great outback, but the Australian Wine industry has been instrumental in developing new techniques of producing wine and managing vineyards. Australian wine is not just a valuable export, its domestic consumption is sky high too. The Australian wine industry was established in the early 19th century and was regularly infused with new immigrants from around the world, who brought different vines and production methods with them. While sweet or fortified wine dominated the early market, as early as 1878, Australian wines were successfully competing internationally in blind tastings. Like the United States, Australia's immigrant population has resulted in a diverse, and experimental wine industry and their success has revolutionized the global wine industry too. Shiraz (or Syrah) is Australia's most important export, followed by Bordeaux, Chardonnay, and Southern Rhone varietals like Grenache. They also pioneered blends like Shiraz and Cabernet. Despite Australia's large size, much of the territory is inhospitable to vines. Wine production is concentrated in the cooler, southerly regions of Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. However, growers continue to expand their horizons to Queensland and the island of Tasmania. Australia has over the years become equally famous for its rare high end red wines as it has for its low-price, heavily exported value wines. Over 12 million hl of Australian wine are produced in every year.

Australian Wine

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