Vinoble is proud to be the importer of Bastianich wines Hong Kong. Joe Bastianich dreamt of making wine in the hills of Friuli from the time he was barely a teenager, exploring the region with his chef mother, Lidia. The first bottles of Vespa Bianco were made in 1998, and almost immediately joined the ranks of Friuli's finest white wines. The vineyards are located completely within the Colli Orientali DOC and are found in two diverse microclimates. The original vineyards in Buttrio represent the warmest area where the most mature and complex wines are grown. The second vineyard, barely 16 km to the north near Cividale, is influnced by the Alps where cool breezes lengthen the growing season by 7-10 days, producing wines of freshness and aromatic intensity. The ability to blend wines together from different grapes and microclimates is the foundation upon which the perfect balance of all the Bastianich wines is achieved, along with their unique varietal profile and unmatched complexity.

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