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Bodega Colomé was founded in 1831, with More than 180 years of history producing excellent quality wines, being the oldest winery in Argentina. The 4 vineyards are located in the upper part of the Calchaquí Valleys, which is considered to be the world’s wine growing region of highest altitude, ranging from Colomé Estate (2,300 masl), which vines are all around the winery, El Arenal Estate (2,700 masl) and Altura Máxima Estate (3,111 masl) in the area of Payogasta-Salta and La Brava Estate (1,750 masl) in the north of the Calchaquí Valley. The altitude is one of the most important factors for the development of the vine. The higher the altitudes, the greater the exposure to the sun and the wider the thermal amplitude, which ranges between 20° during day and night. Those factors facilitate the uniform and balanced development of the grapes. Such impact becomes even greater in our Valley because the clear and bright sky contributes to an even higher intensity of the sun. The result: renowned high-altitude wines of great concentration and balance.