Vinoble is proud to import and range of Cadiz wines Hong Kong. The City of Cádiz within the province of the same name, rests in the autonomous region of Andalusia. Like one of the oldest cities in all of western Europe, and has seen cultural influence from the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors, the European Spaniards, and even the English. Cádiz is also a Vino de la Terra appellation that covers the area around the city and port of Cádiz. The VT designation is primarily designed to protect the origin of the wine and how it is labeled. Red wine production in Cádiz is similar to the rest of Spain, with Spanish grapes Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mouvedre, (known as Monastrell), and Graciano. French grape varietals grown in the region include the Cabernets, Syrah, and Merlot. White wine production typically uses Chardonnay, the ubiquitous Macabeo, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat of Alexandria. The typical varietals for Sherry are also grown here, Palomino and Garrido. As in the rest of Spain, regulations regarding the age of the wine well enforced, with Joven wines being the most common, and Crianza (at least two years) and Reserva (at least three years) being less common. The port of Cádiz is quite close to Jerez, though Jerez is known for Sherry and covered under its own DO appellation. The Cádiz VT wines were granted their status only in 2005, and local producers hope to move up to the Denominación de Origen.

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