Vinoble is proud to list the wines of Chateau Le Bon Pasteur Hong Kong. The estate was until recently owned and managed by the well known wine consultant, Michel Rolland. The small house, which is currently used as the tasting area, has been on the property since 1865. The Dupony family coined the name, meaning “Good Pasture”, while working as share croppers for Chateau Gazin. At the beginning, the owners grew the grapes, but sold the crop to negociants en masse. Later, Le Bon Pasteur was passed by the Dupony family on with their children, Serge and Geneviève Rolland. In 1978, the custom was continued by the Rolland family, who gave Chateau Le Bon Pasteur to their own children, Michel and Jean Daniel Rolland. This evolved into the modern incarnation of Le Bon Pasteur as we know it. At the same time, Michel Rolland established his wine consultancy, Rolland Laboratories, and he is today thought to the best blender in Bordeaux. This all changed in 2013, when the estate was purchased by Asian investor Sutong Pan. Although Dany and Michel Rolland, remain in charge of managing the estate and making wine at Le Bon Pasteur. Le Bon Pasteur comprises 6.5h in the Pomerol appellation, although nterestingly, a portion of the estate is located in St. Emilion. Le Bon Pasteur is not the only estate in Pomerol with such an arrangement. In fact, L’Evangile and La Conseillante both have vines in Pomerol. When Bon Pasteur became to the first investor to purchase a truly legendary Pomerol estate, that all changed in May, 2013. The property was sold to Sutong Pan. Sutong Pan took for the 2013 harvest. Dany Rolland and Michel Rolland are still a part of handling the estate and making the wine. Interestingly, a portion of Bon Pasteur is found in St. Emilion . This scenario is common in Pomerol. In fact, La Conseillante and L’Evangile both have vines in Pomerol. The Bon Pasteur vineyard is put to the rest Cabernet Franc and

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