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We're proud to list a great selection of Champagne Hong Kong. If there is just one region in the world that has shown ingenuity in the face of a less than friendly climate, it might be Champagne. Nestled in the Northeastern portion of France, it is typically too cool to produce fine wine in every vintage, the French monks of the region discovered a brilliant technique (apocryphally by Dom Perignon) to create sparkling wine: The Méthode Champenoise. By adding a small amount of sugar and aging it upside down, they then disgorge the sediment and cork the bottle, leaving a clear, complex sparkling wine. It is most often blended across vintages to achieve consistent quality and style. The high acidity of cool climate wine works well when sparkling, sometimes lightly sweetened, and in the warmer years you can find single-vintage examples that are long lived and complex. The traditional Négociants buy their grapes from a large number of small farmers to produce a predictable Champagne for export. Their energies are often focused on creating a house style that is recognizable year after year. These 'Houses' have long dominated the industry here, but an increasing number of grower/producers have begun bottling their own small-production Champagne that has proved a hit among Sommeliers and connoisseurs. Champagne is rated based on the amount of sugar (dosage) it is sweetened with after fermentation: Extra Brut, Brut Nature, Brut, Extra Dry, Dry, Demi Sec. The most common is Brut. Many other countries may produce sparkling wine in the Méthode Champenoise, but there is only one Champagne.


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