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Vinoble is proud to list the wines of Clarendon Hills Hong Kong. Clarendon Hills is a small family run winery based in Clarendon, South Australia. Established by Biochemist Roman Bratasiuk in 1990, it remains owned and operated by the self taught winemaking proprietor. Considered a bit of a maverick within the Australian industry, Roman has significantly altered the landscape of Australian fine wine. Roman is a man obsessed with the great wines of the world. This fire propelled him winemaking as he sought to make wines for himself at the style he enjoyed, in many ways influenced by his favourite manufacturers and varieties. Captivated by the impact an appellation forges, Roman never deviated from his route in conveying varietal expression. Ancient, low yielding single wineries established the formulation for conveying sense of location and varietal expression; Clarendon and its neighboring districts provided both option of sizeable old vine 80-90year older parcels but geologically and geographically diverse terrain. This was an angle which was absolutely unique within Australia at the time. The emerging of one specific wine caught the world's attention. 1994 was Astralis was born. Although, the wine had remained unchanged from the 1990, 91, 92 and 93 Clarendon Hills Shiraz -- Roman saw more in this wine than anyone. As a result it had been re-branded it to Astralis, symbolizing he and wife Sue's view that it was 'out of this world'. The wine was an immediate success.