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We're proud to offer a great selection of Cognac Hong Kong. This iconic region of France is known throughout the world for the their fine Brandy. While both a brandy and an eaux de vie, Cognac is a protected name internationally. It is produced using a mostly unremarkable white wine made of the Ugni Blanc grape. Cognac is distinctive from other Brandy in that is must be twice distilled on pot stills, yielding a cleaner, purer flavor. Cognac then must be aged in oak. The spirit must be produced between Charente-Maritime and Charente, on the western coast of France. Within these regions, there are 6 AOC areas protected by French law. While France produces other Brandies of high quality, it was the English and their love of Cognac that helped spread its reputation around the world. Many of the special terms applied to Cognac are traditionally in English because of their influence on global trade of the spirit. It has multiple grades depending on the age of the spirit and the grade must apply to the youngest spirit in the bottle, as most producers blend across multiple barrels of different age, to create distinctive styles and flavor. Very Special (VS) Cognac must have the youngest spirit in the blend be no less than two years old. Very Special Old Pale (VSOP) is quite common and is at least four years old. Extra Old (XO) must be ten years (formerly 6). Napoleon is sometimes used instead of XO.