Vinoble is proud to be the importer of Colpetrone wines Hong Kong. The estate became a part of the Saiagricola group in 1995, and is located in the middle of Umbria, a short distance from Bastardo, Trevi and Foligno. After a relatively short time it has became one of the key estates in the Montefalco area, thanks to its distinguished red wine, Sagrantino of Montefalco. V In the period of a few years, Còlpetrone went from being relatively unknown, to internationally recognised as one of the premier Sagrantino producers. And a new designation of Sagratino di Montefalco in 1992 further established both Sagratino and the Colpetrone name. The estate consists of 345 acres, 155 which are under vine. Còlpetrone releases 200,000 bottles annually, offering buyers Rosso di Montefalco Passito. di Montefalco, Gold Sagrantino di Montefalco and Sagrantino di Montefalco, Sagrantino.


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