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We're proud to list Coravin Hong Kong. This has to be one of the most revolutionary wine accessories ever - it's completely changed the way we enjoy, serve and sell wine. In essence, it’s a brilliantly simple device that solves an age old problem – how to enjoy a bottle of wine over time, without the pressure of having to consume it before it succumbs to oxidation. Invented by US medical device expert Greg Lambecht, it uses a precision Teflon-coated needle to pierce the cork, extract wine, and then retract, leaving the cork perfectly intact and the wine sealed from oxygen. It has been popular among sommeliers and wine industry people for a number of years, but it’s not just for wine nerds any more – it’s becoming more and more popular as a one-off investment that lets any wine lover enjoy and explore their collection over time. Not to mention the fact that it’s also a beautifully engineered, high-quality gadget – the wine equivalent of a Tesla automobile, iPhone, or a Rolex watch. Buy Coravin Model 2, Model 8 and accessories direct from Vinoble Hong Kong and enjoy speedy, free delivery and Coravin’s 1 Year Limited Warranty.