Vinoble is proud to list Dalla Valle wines Hong Kong. The estate looks out on the Napa Valley from a hillside patio 400 feet above the Silverado Trail in Oakville. Since Gustav and Naoko Dalla Valle bought the property in 1982 and began planting vines, this extraordinary estate has always distinguished itself as the perfect site for creating some of the world’s finest wines, thanks to the perfect convergence of lingering sunshine, cooling marine influence and red volcanic earth. As dictated by low-yielding soils composed mainly of fractured volcanic rock, Dalla Valle Vineyards keeps fruit production closely controlled. Rootstocks have been carefully selected for compatibility with perfect exposure, excellent drainage and the estate’s terroir to sunlight—a full hour more than vines on the valley floor receive. The mix of these elements enables Dalla Valle to produce fruit of quality that is unique and highly sought-after wines in very small quantities. The trio of estate wines made by Dalla Valle Vineyards originates in unique winery blocks, imbuing each with its own sense of place. Collina Dalla Valle, Maya and the Dalla Valle Cabernet Sauvignon are combined, from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, in varying quantities.

Dalle Valle

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