Vinoble is proud to list the wines of Domaine Huet Hong Kong. Dating back to 1928, Domaine Huet is probably the leading name in the Loire appellation of Vouvray. It is well known among the first adopters of biodynamics, and have three key vineyards, together with 35 hectares of vines in all. Le Mont is an 8 hectare vineyard, composed of silica and pebbly clay soils. Le Haut-Lieu is marginally bigger, with 9 hectares of clay/limestone soil that's quite heavy. Le Clos du Bourg is a 6 hectare stone-walled Clos, located just over the church at Vouvray. It's a thin topsoil over a limestone base. The equilibrium of the 35 hectares consists of little parcels in plots close to these three wineries. Grapes are picked manually in 2 or three 'tries' (passages through the vineyard) in October and early November. Bunches are pressed undamaged, and lightly; it's in a mix of big and small oak barrels, and larger stainless steel tanks. Natural yeasts are used, along with those which are present in the winery; no more cultured yeasts are all introduced. Fermentation is finished (almost all the wines have some residual sugar many have a lot) by supplementing the wine and adding sulfur dioxide, which is the only chemical that is added. Prior to bottling, a light filtration is done.