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The Dönnhoff family came to the Nahe of Germany region more than 200 years ago, and after establishing a modest farm, it gradually became a full fledged wine estate. Their land holdings now represent some of the finest in the Nahe region. The oldest vineyard held by the estate Oberhäuser Leistenberg, produces wines that are fruity with refined acidity thanks to the slate soils. Although Nahe is a region that is dry, Dönnhoff does not irrigate their wineries as to encourage rooted vines. The ground is covered with organic material like straw and compost to avoid evaporation and erosion in heavy rains and to conserve water. The vines are grown on wire frameworks, low to the ground to reap the benefits of the warmth of the stoney top soil, and at a density of approx. 6000 vines per hectare. The Riesling vines are old clones sourced from sites in Schloßböckelheim and Niederhausen.