Vinoble is proud to list the wines of Fritz Haag Hong Kong. The Fritz Haag vineyard lies in the heart of the middle Mosel and features a long history: it was first mentioned in documents in 1605 when the village was still called Dusemond. To be able to promote the standing of the world famous vineyard locations of "Brauneberger Juffer" and "Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr" more -- Napoleon counted them amongst the rings of the Mosel area -- Dusemond was renamed Brauneberg at 1925. According to convention, the 19.5 ha Fritz Haag vineyard, currently headed by Oliver Haag, can also be known by the name of "Dusemonder Hof". Riesling grapes alone, which can be tended throughout the year by seasoned workers, are to be located at the very best places of the Fritz Haag vineyard. The wine harvest is done manually, and often in several passes. The grapes are gently processed and the careful production of these wines are done under the watchful eye of Oliver Haag. The estate provides the complete diversity of Riesling: from noble sweet first growths, to delicately fruity wines, to dry styles. This quality helped Mosel Riesling achieve the worldwide reputation it currently enjoys.

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