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Vinoble is proud to be the importer of Gonzalez Byass sherry Hong Kong. In 1835, a young man by the name of Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel often went for long walks through the town of Jerez, with his uncle - Jose Angel y Vargas. These were the days when you could still hear horses’ hooves in the streets. Manuel María’s “Tío Pepe” (his uncle Jose), was one of his biggest supporters when he made is first foray into the world sherry - and he later named his solera Tio Pepe in his honour. So began the legend of the most renowned fino sherry in the world. Shortly later, encouraged by a continuous rise in exports, Manuel María began his career by starting to export casks to the United Kingdom, and he went into partnership with a Mr Robert B Byass, his English agent. In a letter to Byass in 1836, he shared that he was going to release an exceptionally light white wine that he had created. González Byass became known not only for this world-famous for Sherry, but also for Brandy de Jerez. In 1863, the old company was renamed Gonzalez-Byass. In 1988 the Byass family retired from the business, and the winery has belonged to the direct descendants of Manuel María since. Today Gonzalez Byass is still family-run winery, currently under the management of the 5th generation of the Gonzalez family. A common trait of family members is their strong feelings about their surroundings, a great love of nature, and their passion for the world of wine. The Gonzalez family’s love of wine has seen them share their passion for sherry around the world. More than 30 years ago, González Byasss started to add wineries from the iconic winemaking regions of Spain to their family. World class estates, such as Finca Constancia, Bodegas Beronia, Vinas del Vero, Cavas Vilarnau, and Finca Moncloa.

Gonzalez Byass

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