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Vinoble is proud to be the importer of Isole e Olena Hong Kong. Located in Tuscany, the estate is on the western slope of the Chianti Classico hills and halfway between Florence and Siena. Its name was conceived in 1956 when two adjoining estates, “Isole” and “Olena” were purchased by the De Marchi family and combined into one. Nevertheless the history of both estates dates back many hundreds of years, and the earliest documentation of the village of Olena dates far back as the 12th century. In 1976, Paolo De Marchi became fully involved in the family estate, dedicating endless effort in reshaping its viticulture and focusing on his own ideas of quality. Namely to produce the best possible Sangiovese, that balances elegance, finesse and power to yield wines that are a unique expression of the site. Cepparello is the world acclaimed result of his work. All the wines, including Chianti Classico and Cepparello, are estate wines produced only from the grapes grown on the estates' 56 hectares of vineyards. In the past 30 years they have gone through an extensive replanting project involving research on estate clonal selection, density of plantation, soil mapping and vineyard management techniques, placing the estate among the small group of leaders in Chianti Classico.