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Vinoble is proud to import a range of Jerez wines Hong Kong. Andalusian Jerez, or Sherry, is a DO product of Spain produced in the provinces of Cadiz and Seville, an area also known as El Marco de Jerez. Known as Ceret by the Romans and Sherish by the Moors, the Spanish renamed the area Jerez de la Frontera because of its importance as a border city. Today it is known as either Jerez or Xerez. The region around Jerez is known as El Marco de Jerez. The wine making history of Jerez dates back to the Phoenician era, around 1000 BCE, and some experts have labeled Sherry as the oldest wine in the world. The Moors introduced the distilling process, and fortified wine became a regional product, despite the prohibition on alcohol mandated by the Quran. In the early modern period, the wealthy merchants of the UK took a strong interest in the fortified wine of Jerez, which they named Sherry. Many of the premier producers in the regions were founded by British nationals. The Designation of Origin (DO) for Jerez was established in 1933, and 95% of the grape production is the Palomino varietal for Sherry, though Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel are permitted for sweet versions. The regions culture is deeply intertwined with the Sherry made here. In all of its forms, in Jerez Sherry is drunk as an early-morning aperitif, a serious dinner wine, and a dessert.


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