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We're proud to list a great selection of Non-Vintage Champagne Hong Kong. The vast majority of the wine produced in Champagne is both sparkling and non-vintage. The cold rainy climate of Champagne would normally lead to poor quality still wine in most years. But by making Champagne as they, and blending across vintages then back-sweetening it to balance the acidity, the people of Champagne can make a fine libation indeed. The méthode champenoise (now known as the méthode classique) has its origins in the medieval monasteries of France. Monks (likely not Don Perignon as is often told) discovered that you could gain a crystal clear sparkling wine by storing the bottles upside down as they age, then freezing the neck of the bottle and disgorging the sediment. They blended across vintages to achieve consistency regardless of the quality of the particular year. Champagne is labeled as Extra Brut, Brut, sec, demi-sec, or doux depending on how much the producer sweetens it after re-fermentation. Non-vintage Champagne is meant to be consumed as young as possible. The blending of vintages also creates a reliable 'house' style. Most of the Champagne produced is not made by estate grower/producers but by Négociants who buy their grapes from across the region and put out large volumes of wine. The larger Champagne houses are not synonymous with lower quality however and this system is the traditional way of doing things. Many of the families and their businesses date back centuries and some of the finest champagne is produced non-vintage by a négociant like Bollinger, Billecart-Salmon, Krug, or Veuve Clicquot.

Non-Vintage Champagne

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