Vinoble is proud to be the importer of Poliziano wines Hong Kong. The Carletti familys' first contact with the world of viticulture was in 1961 when Dino Carletti bought 22 hectares of land in Montepulciano. He planted the first specialty vineyards in the region and dedicated the winery to one of the most important Italian poets: Angelo Ambrogini, known as "Poliziano". At the end of 1980, Dino's son, Federico Carletti took on the challenge of directing the winery, bringing to it a modern production philosophy based on his personal vision of viticulture. Poliziano is now one of the main producers in Montepulciano, and one of the most awarded winery in the DOCG. One of the first six wineries in Tuscany to receive Tre Bicchieri honors (25 times), and other accolades over the last 50 years. Now total estate comprises around 150 hectares in Montepulciano, Cortona and Maremma, with 100% organic cultivation. Thier philosophy is: more technology, less chemistry - just to give the best expression of the region, and the best expression of Sangiovese. Poliziano's expression of the best Sangiovese is Asinone, a Vino Nobile appellation, the oldest single vineyard wine in the area.

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