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We're proud to list a great selection of Prosecco Hong Kong. Over 150 million bottles of this iconic sparkling wine are produced in nine provinces crossing between Friuli and Veneto, primarily from the Glera grape. Unlike the méthode champenoise, Prosecco is produced by the Charmat method, and undergoes secondary fermentation in steel. In the late 20th century it saw a massive upswing in international popularity and is now exported world wide. Due to it's relatively recent popularity, the regulations are ever shifting. The DOC protects both the name, the grape, and the origin of Prosecco wine. Regular DOC is produced in Trieste (Friuli) and Treviso (in Veneto). There are also two DOCG Prosecco designations which overlap with Treviso: Valdobbiadene Superiore and Asolo can be produced similar to Champagne, using the Metodo Classico method. The Valdobbiadene can also have the phrase 'Superiore di Cartizze' appended to its label if it is produced in the San Pietro di Barbossa area. Mostly unknown to the average consumer, Prosecco can come with three different levels of carbonation: Still (rarely seen), and Frizzante (lighter bubbles, more 'traditional') or Spumante (vigorous bubbles, higher quality). It is prized for its use in cocktails, in part because of its lower cost and vigorous perlage, particularly in the Bellini a cocktail invented in Venice at Harry's Bar, using white peach puree and Prosecco served in a flute. The quality of Prosecco is not static, and better wines are on the market now than ever, as the Italians continue to refine their methods. Perhaps in the future consumers will consider the finest Prosecco alongside Champagne.