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Vinoble is proud to list a curated selection of Rhone wines Hong Kong. The Rhône River Valley runs North to South into the Mediterranean and is the home of a one of the four most influential wine regions in France. While wine was introduced to the area likely before the Romans, it was not until the Catholic Church took an interest in Avignon that vines were given proper consideration. Indeed the famous AOC Chateauneuf-de-pape, literally the Pope's New Chateau, was allegedly the favored wine for the Avignon Popes. Increased critical attention from Robert Parker in the 1980s made the Rhône an internationally respected. In the Northern portion of the Valley, Syrah and Viognier are grown in famous AOC's like Saint Joseph, Cote-Rotie, and Hermitage. In the north, small quantities of Viognier are often blended with Syrah to stabilize the color, and brighten the profile. The weather in the Northern Rhône is cool, and is the northerly-most region in which Syrah can grow. Here it is at its most spicy and meaty. Viognier, being a full and round flavored wine in warmer regions, takes on a more balanced tone. The Southern Rhône produces quite a different, riper style of wine from a broad array of grapes. Syrah and Grenache take center stage, blended with Mouvedre, Cinsault, and Carignan. In some AOC regions, such as Chateauneuf-de-pape, Cote-du-Rhône, Vacqueyras, or Gigondas, they use over a dozen different grapes, with Grenache Noir responding well to the warm, dry climate. White wines are made from many grapes, mostly Roussane, Marsanne, and Viognier. To a lesser extent than Bordeaux and Burgundy, Rhône grapes have been exported aggressively to the New World. Southern California, Australia, and the Pacific Northwest, all produce world famous wine from the Rhône varietals like Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier.

Rhone Valley

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