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We're proud to offer a great selection of Gin Hong Kong. While fermenting and distilling sugarcane has its roots back in the days of Marco Polo, rum as we know it today flourished after the colonization of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. After the British came to dominate the Caribbean, Rum became inextricably tied to the history of the British Navy, as it was a staple ration for all sailors, who diluted it with water to make grog. There are few regulations recognized globally for Rum, and it can be made from either sugarcane, or the molasses byproduct. Darker rums are made from Molasses and aged in barrel, while lighter colored gold rums are simply aged briefly. Many larger brands achieve the color by adding caramel additive to their rum rather than age it. A popular variation on the international market is the so-called Spiced Rum. While these are spiced and colored, they are not typically sweetened and maintain spirit level strength (typically 80-100 proof). Rum is popular today either as a white spirit, aged, or in cocktails and highballs such as the Cuba Libre, or Rum and Coke.


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