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We're proud to import a range of Salta wines Hong Kong. The region is the Northernmost of Argentina and home to the most extreme conditions in the country. Despite the inhospitable landscape, it was likely here in Salta that Jesuit missionaries planted Argentina's first grape vines. Like Mendoza, Salta is well suited for Malbec, Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay, as the mountainous terrain results in highly balanced sugar to acidity ratios. Merlot and Tannat also have success here. The extreme temperature variations (often more than 50 degrees F between night and day) are responsible for wines that are both big and lush, but with balanced acidity. The history of the region also means there are significant old-vine plantings going back a century. Unlike parts of Mendoza, Salta's extreme terrain make yields relatively low, making the region unsuitable for bulk jug wine production. Molinos and the Calchaquí Valley which includes Cafayate are the two sub-regions of Salta. Cafayate is famous for Torrontes Riojana, an aromatic white, and well balanced Bordeaux blends. Molinos is the highest of Argentina's high altitude regions, and its altitude and low-precipitation lead to highly concentrated Malbec and Torrontes wine. Recent decades have seen an influx of experienced, well funded winemakers and financiers, leading to a successful exploitation of Salta and its world-class terroir. The adventurous wine connoisseur would do well to follow the big names of Napa and Bordeaux, as they are experimenting with properties in Salta.