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Sardinia, or Sardegna, may not be the best known of Italy's regions for international tourists, but its ancient history and astounding scenery are second to none. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia was the constant source of raids by competing powers, so while an Island, it's culture and cuisine are more pastoral, formed by years living inland. The wines are hearty and pair well with the hearty meats and cheeses they prepare. The mountainous terrain and coastal climate offer a range of micro climates. Vermentino di Gallura is the only current DOCG wine on the island, though they have 19 DOCs. Like many of Italy's less developed regions, the wines are seeing an uptick in quality. Cannonau is the most well respected varietal, and Carignano is popular in the Sulcis region and is a DOC wine produced from the Carignano grape. Monica di Sardegna is a more local varietal DOC that is primarily produced as a table wine. Vermentino is Sardinia's premier white grape and only DOCG. Malvasia di Bosa and Cagliari are two DOCs based on the white Malvasia grape. Other notable DOCs include Nuragus, Campidano di Terralba (from the Spanish Bobal grape), Monica di Sardegna, Alghero, Nasco di Cagliari, and the rare Vernaccia di Oristano, which is produced in a manner similar to Sherry, with oxidation taking place in barrel.