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Vinoble is proud to list a great selection of Scotch Whisky Hong Kong. This legendary artisan product of Scotland is as old as the art of distillation itself. Most aficionados around the world particularly appreciate the Single Malt of Scotland, which can only use malted barley distilled by one producer using a pot still. Blended Malt is still hugely popular around the world, at least in terms of volume, because of its smooth, drinkable quality. Producers (such as the famous Johnny Walker) blend spirits sourced wholesale from regional stills. The term Single Grain Scotch is also used to mean whisky produced by a single distiller, but using a variety of grains. Each of the original four regions produce Scotch Whisky of a different style. The Highlands rest on the northern tip of Scotland and the Scotch produced there is known for rich, butterscotch flavors, and smooth texture. Speyside along the river Spey is responsible for some of the most widely sold Scotch Whisky, sharing many qualities with Highland Scotch, though sometimes veering towards more grassy, and mineral notes. Islay Whisky is known for Scotch made with peat smoked barley, giving a smokey, salty quality that is prized by many, though an acquired taste for some. Campbeltown was once the most productive region for whisky in the world, though today only a few distillers are still open. The Lowlands are also considered a Scotch region though there are only a handful of producers. Scotch Whisky, regardless of its type can be aged for no fewer than three years in barrel, and for blended whisky the label must state the youngest age of any component part. Unlike Bourbon Kentucky, Scotland allows some leeway in the type of barrel used, and many of the finest Scotch Whiskies are aged in Sherry, Port, or Wine casks.

Scotch Whisky

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