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Vinoble is proud to import and range of Somontano wines Hong Kong. In Huesca, Aragon, on a plateau in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Somontano leaves its mark as a premier Spanish wine region. Somotano is a Spanish DO region bifurcated by the Alcanadre river, in fact its name literally means 'beneath the mountain.' As with other Denominación de Origen regions, a regulator mandates production regions, methods, and grapes for wines made in the area that want to label themselves as DO Somontano. This DO was established in 1984. Wine is produced in the mountains, on the foothills, and in the plains region. Temperature variation is quite high, though the mountains offer a protective shield for the vineyards. The natural beauty and ancient history of the region have made it a popular tourist attraction and the region promotes its own curated Somontano Wine Route. Garnacha, Macabeo, and Tempranillo are popular here, as are traditional varieties like Moristel, Parraleta, and Alcañón. Bordeaux and Burgundy varietals are also grown, as in other Spanish DOs. Of the local varieties, Alcañón makes a wine that is delicate and aromatic with a deep color, while Moristel and Parraleta are known for their body, intense color, and higher acidity. La Cooperativa Comarcal de Somontano was established in the 1960's, and brought together hundreds of small producers. This movement helped establish the DO Somontano.