Vinoble is proud to represent Val de Flores wines Hong Kong. The winery is situated at the foot of the Andean mountain range, at Vista Flores in South Mendoza, Argentina. The small vineyard producing wines of this boutique producer are planted with Malbec vines that are more than fifty years old. The view is breathtaking: row after row of vines bordered with rose bushes and olive trees and snow-capped peaks in the background, all basking in wonderful sunshine, under a vast, incredibly blue sky. Dany and Michel Rolland devote all their care to the grapes at Val de Flores, and all their skill, enthusiasm and experience to the winemaking, while respecting the exceptional environment. In contrast to the immense landscape surrounding it, the vineyard almost looks like a garden. Under their stewardship, Val de Flores will always celebrate this enchanting and pristine environment - sharing their passion for Argentinean wines.

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