We're proud to be the importer of Villa Massa Hong Kong. Founded in 1991 by brothers Stefano and Sergio Massa, it is the Italian manufacturer of the traditional lemon liqueur from Sorrento, also called limoncello. The Villa Massa estate, among the residential and agricultural properties of the Massa family, historically rooted in the region, is found in the heart of the Sorrentine peninsula near the town of Naples. In the year 2000, the oval lemons of Sorrento (in Italian, limone di Sorrento) used in the production of Villa Massa Limoncello got the acknowledgement of Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) by the European Union. In 2006, the liqueur made from these lemons also gained recognition as its own group: "Liquore di Limone di Sorrento". Only these manufacturers are allowed to utilize the seal for this accolade, feature the name "Sorrento" on their bottle or use the imagery depicting the area.

Villa Massa

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