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We're proud to list a great selection of Vintage Champagne Hong Kong. The vast majority of the wine produced in the Champagne region of France is done in the ubiquitous non-vintage style known around the world. The inconsistency between vintages makes blending the different years a creative way of maintaining consistent house styles among the larger Champagne Houses. Yet when Champagne has a warmer, even year, some producers do make a vintage dated Sparkling wine, from the same blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Because of its uncommon nature, vintage Champagne is usually produced as a top-tier wine, from the best vineyard plots and with greater care. After bottling the wine without bubbles, the wine maker will add sugar, and leave it to re-ferment in the bottle, carbonating and aging on its lees upside down for many years (minimum of three). Then the bottle neck is frozen and the sediment disgorged, leaving a sparkling, but clear wine of incredible complexity. Like non-vintage Champagne, it is back-sweetened to varying levels of dryness or sweetness (extra brut, to doux) Unlike non-vintage Champagne, which is intended for early drinking, vintage Champagne is usually meant to be aged, sometime over a decade, as it will develop like a still wine. Vintage Champagne can be highly unusual to the layman, as the years in the bottle both deepen the color, and lessen the carbonation of the wine. The finest several decade old vintage Champagne can be a copper gold color and virtually free of bubbles! Yet regulators in Champagne see a downside to these good vintages. Producers are not allowed to use more than 80% of the harvest for a vintage dated wine. This ensures that producers will maintain the quality of the non-vintage Champagne that makes up most of the export.

Vintage Champagne

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