We're proud to list Vintec Hong Kong. Vintec is among the rare few companies that specialize in wine cabinets. Being one of the leading brands and leaders from the wine cellaring industry, Vintec is dedicated to designing and producing wine cabinets with solid experience in the thermodynamics of proper wine storage. Vintec has generated a line up of wine cabinets with various features to cater to unique needs and functions. But wine cabinets are not simply about keeping wine cool. Other technologies for maintaining wine to adulthood are also incorporated. Condensed water is automatically reintroduced as humid air inside the cabinet. Vintec wine cabinets are equipped with a system that recycles water from condensation to make correct humidity needed. For extremely dry surroundings, water may be inserted into the container provided to generate the required humidity. A third detector in the bottom shuts off compressor if temperature reaches at 3˚C or under. System is completely independent of ordinary controller circuits. Along with a pure cellar setting that prevents excess light from damaging the maturity procedure. For the purpose of a showcase in a restaurant or at home, the Vintec wine cabinets come with an array of practical features. Lights are integrated in cupboard ceiling to maximize storage usage. Triple layered glass door with anti-condensation layering to minimize warmth and pose a constantly clear showcase. Setup for below-the-counter or kitchen cupboard is a breeze, and left or right opening depending upon your preference or kitchen design.

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