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We're proud to offer a great selection of Vodka Hong Kong. This iconic tipple is a distilled, un-aged spirit made from any type of grain or potatoes. Vodka has historically been simpler to produce than other distilled spirits, but because of its smooth flavor, it emerged as the world's premier cocktail spirit, rising with the increasing popularity of the cocktail. Coming from an old Russian word meaning 'little water', with references date back centuries, the modern notion of Vodka is quite different, being 80 proof (like most modern spirits) and unflavored. Poland was known to produced the white spirit in the 16th century, though the product was more medicinal and lower proof. While the identity remained constant, the constituent parts of Vodka were vague and ever changing. Polish vodka came into its own during the industrialization of the industry. Government monopolies solidified its importance in Eastern Europe, treating vodka as a staple product. In late early modern Poland in particular, potatoes became a popular base for Vodka, despite their difficulty with fermentation, as wheat was more expensive. In Russia, Moscow was the center of Vodka production, also evolving from a lower proof medicinal spirit to the Vodka we know today. The goal for most modern Vodkas, is a clean, smooth distillate that is free from contaminants, however because of its role in the cocktail industry, some producers make a flavored vodka for mixing. Vodka is the basis for many of the most famous cocktails, like the Moscow Mule, the Screwdriver, and Martini. More premium brands of Vodka are emerging today, continuing to aspire to clean, pure flavors.


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