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We're proud to list Zalto Hong Kong. In the northern area of Lower Austria, the tradition of glass making dates back to the early 14th century. The Zalto family, with it's proud glass making heritage has been there for six generations - although it has roots in the famous glass making city of Venice. The Zalto Denk'Art Glasses are named after Father Hans Denk, the Austrian wine priest who is among the most respected wine experts in Austria, and has spent decades studying and tasting wine. Father Denk directed the glassmakers in the precise creation of each bowl to elicite the best elements for the style of wine it is intended for. The curve of the bowls on Zalto Glassware are tipped at angles of 72°, 48° and 24°, to be in accordance to the earth's tilt angles. The ancient Romans also incorporated these three angles into the design of their supply repositories, finding that food stayed fresh for a longer, and also showed improved flavor. Due to these parallels, Zalto considers that fine wine reaches its highest potential, served in a Denk'Art glass. From the first contact, each Zalto wine glass differentiates itself from all other glassware. From the perfect balance to the stunning and functional design, the achievement of the Denk'Art range are glasses that seem almost too delicate to hold - yet they may be made for precisely that. These are wine glasses that are elevated to a level where form and function meet. They are art. Despite their elegance, light weight and fine edges, the Denk'Art range of glasses are actually surprising durable, and ideal for every day use - or entertaining your most important guests. They are also lead-free, resistant to clouding, and dishwasher safe. In December 2009, respected German magazine Stern conducted the most complete and impartial screening to date of the best wine stemware in the world. The screening was under ‘blind' conditions, and the professional judges awarded Zalto first place for all three wines tasted.